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Booty 03/03

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Da Factory Training – Booty Building



Metcon (No Measure)

Glutes Activation W/Band

45sec on, 15 sec off- 3Rounds (rest 30 sec between rounds)

1 Bounce squat side to side

2 Jumping jack squat

3 Donkey side kick

4 Donkey side kick

4 Rounds

12 Curtsy step up (each leg)

12 Bulgarian Split Squat + Deadlift (each 2 is 1) each leg

15 sec squat hold w/weight

3 Rounds of

(30 sec work, no rest between movements, rest 30 sec between rounds)

Hip Thrust + open legs

Single leg hip thrust

Single leg hip thrust

5 squats+ 10 sec squat hold+ 5 squats + 10sec hold

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