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*3, 6 and 12 month plans consists of automatic withdrawal from debit or credit card.

**Only 30-day notice is required to break off plan.

Monthly Unlimited

A month to month Contract Unlimited CrossFit Classes

12 month / 2 x week

A twelve month plan agreement Two Classes per week.

3 month plan

A three month contract Unlimited Classes


A six month agreement Unlimited Classes

12 month plan

A twelve month agreement Unlimited Classes

Corporate Plans

A 12 month agreement of Unlimited Classes at discounted rate

Participating Corporate Partners




Da Factory believes that the formula for having the most successful season begins with fortifying the foundation of an athlete. We offer specialized training for a wide variety of team sports such as football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. The program consists of a combination of CrossFit Football and Combine 360 regimens. Based on the needs and goals of the athlete, a program is built and structured with both regimens taken into account, with the right percentages of each to maximize results.



Da Factory also specializes on the needs of CrossFit athletes, from beginners to Elite. With many years of competition and programming experience our head coach has trained and programmed athletes around the world. This program is built around the needs of the athlete, focusing on Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength Training and skill work pertaining to competition standards across the board. This service is available to remote athletes as well.

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