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Crossfit Football

Da Factory Training Facility offers a specialized program to build on a football player’s performance out on the field. Increasing power, speed, strength, agility, flexibility and accuracy is the name of the game and we have the right tools to win it. Our trainers have been personally trained by John Welbourn, an NFL veteran, on all the techniques and tools required to make it in the NFL.

CrossFit Football is a strength and conditioning program designed for football players and participants in contact sports. We use organic functional movements performed at high intensity to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during a football game.

Football is a game of seconds and inches. CrossFit Football knows the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel. With this in mind, we can replicate the stresses and situations a player will face on the field. By combining high intensity movements with a comprehensive strength and speed program, the result is a training program that is unparalleled in the industry.


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Combine 360

Combine 360, now known as IGNITE 360, is a training system created by IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida. The sole purpose is to prepare individuals for any sport, from any walk of life, to become better athletes. The key foundational components are balance and implementing the proper progressions at a rate where the athlete will maximize performance from training. combine360 Sign Up

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