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Strength 04/10/19

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Da Factory Training – Strength Training

Metcon (No Measure)

3 sets:

60 sec Nose to Wall Hand Stand Hold

100m DB Waiter walk + Farmer Carry

20 Single Arm Ring Row Hold (Each Arm)
Take a single ring and hold it to your chest with two hands as you lean back into a FINISHED ring row position. Take One hand off and extend out in front of you for a second, while keeping the other hand tight to the chest. Alternate hands for 20 reps

Muscle Snatch + Vertical Jump with Barbell

(3+3) x 3 sets

Pause Snatch


pause in the bottom for 3 seconds

Back Squat + Front Squat

5 sets (3+3)

Bench Press


Perform 5 strict pull ups and 20 jack knives in between bench press sets.

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